What are the advantages of polyurethane ball mill?

Release time:

Jul 05,2023

Polyurethane ball milling tank, nylon and polytetrafluoroethylene are all polymer materials. Polyurethane Z is characterized by its high elasticity, and its surface smoothness is the highest among all materials. In nano-powder ball milling and mixing, Z's concern is not that the grinding fineness can't reach, but that it is easy to stick to the wall. Among all grinding materials, 85% of them are easy to grind, while 15% of them are easy to stick to the wall. Then polyurethane will be a good way to overcome this problem. The non-stick wall of polyurethane depends on the elasticity and smoothness of its surface, and the material can't adhere to its surface, so that it can get a good grinding. It also has a very good feature: its purity is very high, it doesn't pollute the sample, and its wear is very, very small, even if a little wear can be completely burned in the later heat treatment, it won't remain in the material.