MITR Mini Planetary Ball Mill Laboratory Nano Powder Grinding Ball Milling Machine


Oil seal silent invention patent, which reduces noise by more than 50% compared to ordinary planetary mills in the market and extends service life by 2 times.Compact in appearance, saves laboratory space, and can be directly placed on the desktop for work.

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Product Paramenters

Application Pulverizing, Mixing, Homogenizing, Colloidal Grinding, Mechanical Alloying, Mechanical Chemistry
Field of Application New Energy, Geology/Metallurgy, Glass/Ceramics, Engineering/Electronics, Building Materials, Environment/Recycling, Agriculture,
Chemistry, Biology, etc
Sample Characteristics Soft, Hard, Brittle, Fibrous - dry or wet
Pulverization Principle Impact, Friction

Material Feed Size

< 5 mm, soil < 10 mm

Final Fineness

For colloidal milling, output < 0.1 µm
Grinding Method Dry, wet, vacuum, atmosphere-protected grinding possible
Material of Grinding Jar Stainless steel, tungsten carbide, zirconia, alumina, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, polyurethane, nylon, PTFE, onyx
Ratio Setting 1::2
Model BQM-0.4L BQM-1L
Grinding Jar Volume 50-100ml 50-250ml
Vacuum Jar Volume 50ml 50-100ml
Revolution Speed 5-450r/min
Rotation Speed 10-900r/min
Power 0.55KW
Voltage & Frequency Single Phase,220V/50Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH) 540 x 400 x 570 mm
Weight 55kg 57kg


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