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MT-STX2 stainless steel glove box

In the process of scientific experiments, some substances are easily oxidize and damp under the atmospheric state, differentiation and sample damage, which makes the chemical reaction of the test substances and the advanced treatment of the samples very difficult, and affects the test process and test results.




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Product introduce

In the process of scientific experiments, some substances are easily oxidize and damp under the atmospheric state, differentiation and sample damage, which makes the chemical reaction of the test substances and the advanced treatment of the samples very difficult, and affects the test process and test results.

Vacuum glove box (also known as vacuum inert gas operation box) effectively solves the problems of easy oxidation and moisture solution, the device can be safely put and removed, and freely in the anaerobic and anaerobic state, to ensure the normal operation of scientific test.


Product Feature

In cooperation with scientific research units to carry out the experimental work of low-energy radioactive substances, the sterile operation of microbiological inoculation, the qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemicals and other relevant airtight isolation operations, the work can be carried out in the operation box

Biochemical, metallurgy, electronics, chemical, chemical, geology, minerals, medicine, magnetic materials, equipment batteries, biological cultivation, food packaging, battery materials and other need to be processed in a protective atmosphere.

This product is an ideal device for scientific experiments in institutions, scientific research units and enterprise laboratories


Product feature

STX-3 designs two transition boxes for maximum protection atmosphere and operating time. Ensure the working environment in the work room,

Stainless steel structure, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, no pollution.

The viewing window perspective is wide, clear and bright

The box is equipped with a porous socket for easy scientific testing

The pipeline design is simple without a tedious experimental process.

The box can be provided with an electric furnace for local heating.

Operating gloves are special sealed latex gloves, reliable sealing.


Product parameter

Technical parameter I




Transfer Size


Little transfer size



Glove portdiameter




Tray in transfer














2 layers



3mm+strengthening rib






2 layers



6mm+strengthening rib


Technical parameter II


Vacuum degree

Vacuum of transfer box



Valve configuration

Window size


Use gas




10A 220V

External control lamp:1ps

Import valve: 2ps

Export valve:2ps



Argon, helium, and nitrogen gas (purity99.99%)








Product display



Vacuum glove box FAQ

1. Use the glove box gloves damaged, if it is replaced by ourselves?

Reply:Yes, the replacement process is relatively simple, so the laboratory personnel can replace it by themselves.

2. How much is the water and oxygen index of the 1, vacuum glove box?Can it reach 1ppm?

Reply: Not achievable. Because the vacuum glove box is a way based on physical vacuum into inert gas taking water and oxygen from the inert gas, Simply for water (dew point), Getting 100-300ppm in a short time requires a greater degree of assistance on site, Therefore, we make no commitment in this part, This has nothing to do with the performance of the device itself, It is extremely difficult not to reach low levels of dew point through unconventional means, The vacuum glove box has been dedicated to simple experiments (between 1% and 10%), A lower need requires adding desiccant assistance internally, Molecular oxygen are different from water, The persistently low internal oxygen content by vacuuming high pure nitrogen is only between 0.1% and 3%, This part relarelated to the number of vacuums, But it's definitely not 1ppm, Therefore, the oxygen molecules need to react chemically to remove them clean, For example, the high temperature activates the through-touch mode to react to the oxygen molecules in the air, Therefore, the application of vacuum glove box should be treated rationally in scientific experiments.

3. Does we need to connect its trachea on the glove box by ourselves.

Reply: The pipeline on the vacuum glove box has been tested before leaving the factory. There is no need to connect to the boxes in the glove box by ourselves, but we only need to match the trachea reserved by our company to the gas cylinder.

4. Which vacuum glove box is the most commonly recommended in the laboratory?

Reply: Vacuum glove box mainly solve some laboratory simple and fast test, the laboratory based on the general space is relatively compact, so stx-2 is the most popular one in the laboratory, its space is enough to support personal experiment, and can enter from the left supporting equipment, such as rotary coating, heating furnace, balance, these commonly used instruments.

5. How much temperature can be used inside?

Reply:The use temperature inside the chamber is based on the hand tolerance temperature of the user. The sensory temperature acceptable by the human body is about 50℃. Generally, the heating temperature inside the chamber rises to 300 degrees does not affect the equipment, as long as the overall temperature is controlled within 50 degrees Celsius.

6. Vacuum pump generally how to choose, how long is the vacuum?

Reply: Vacuum pump Our company recommends to use rotary vacuum pump (see above), above (4 l physical picture above). Take the stx-2 model, the vacuum time is about 10-20 minutes (generally 10 points-15).

7. Can additional connections be added to the box?

Reply: Yes, according to the experimental needs of additional valve, aviation plug, usb interface and a series of non-standard accessories.

8. What are the standard equipment?

Reply: Our company will leave the factory to connect the trachea, led lights, gloves, shelf rack and valve, is a complete and directly used glove box.

9. What is MITR stainless steel vacuum glove box different from the glove boxes of other brands in the market?

Reply: Our stainless steel vacuum glove box uses robot welding, Instead current manual welding on the market, Robot investment is, although more expensive, But the welding process during the welding process is more advanced and complete, No longer like the leakage or virtual welding in manual welding, Avoid the later equipment use to bring invisible after-sales, The connection on the gas pipe diameter is more humanized, Simply control a master valve individually, Clear pipe design, Then take the red as the pumping, Black for the systemic installation of the air intake, It facilitates the resolution of problems during use, A kf reserved interface is reserved on the box of the device, Convenient the installation of additional pipelines or testing equipment in the later experimental process.