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The MM100 high-throughput tissue grinder is a product specially developed to handle a small number of laboratory samples.


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The MM100 high-throughput tissue grinder is a product specially developed to handle a small number of laboratory samples. It is not only suitable for fine powder crushing and fine grinding of hard, medium hard and brittle samples, but also for soft, elastic, fiber material and so on. mt100 ball mill can crush and grind many materials including fiber tissue, bone, hair, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, ores, alloys, glass, ceramics, soil, sludge, grain particles, plastics, textiles. For most materials, it takes only a few seconds to achieve the purpose of grinding, mixing and homogenizing the sample. The mt100 ball mill can grind, mix and homogenize two 0.2-20 ml samples at the same time, and can operate up to 10-92 samples at the same time for cell fragmentation. because of the efficient operation of the mt100 high-throughput tissue grinder, the sample can be processed in a very short time without producing a significant heating up. So most materials can be ground and mixed at room temperature. in addition, the mt100 ball mill is especially suitable for biological cell wall breaking and dna/rna extraction.





Feed material

Hard, medium hard, soft, elastic and fiber samples


Crushing, grinding, mixing, homogenizing

Material feed size


Final fineness:

About 5um

The capacity

≤2x20 ml

frequency of vibration

60-1800 r/min ,Continuous adjustable, digital display

Material of grinding tools

Hard steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, agate, zirconia, Teflon


Dry, wet, low-temperature, high-throughput

Final fineness


Batch size / feed quantity max


Grinding jar quantity


Grinding jar size

0.2ml,1.2ml,1.5ml,2.0ml,5.0ml,50ml,and 96 hole deep orifice plates

Number of micropores treated



200-240V, 50-60 Hz

Power of motor


Grinding time


Setting of vibrational frequency


Setting of grinding time

1s-99min 59s


320 x 240 x 450 mm

Net weight

26 kg

*Depending on sample type and instrument configuration


Principle of operation

MT100 the grinding tanks of the high throughput tissue grinder are vibrated in the horizontal direction, the inertia of the grinding balls drives them to impact the sample material located on the inner surface of the arc with high energy, thus achieving the crushing effect.

The movement of the grinding tank is superimposed with the movement of the grinding ball in the tank, and the sample is fully mixed. mixing effect can be further improved by using multiple small diameter grinding balls. Using multiple small diameter grinding balls when grinding can greatly improve the mixing degree of the sample. Biological cells can be broken by using a large number of small balls, such as glass beads. the huge impact and friction between the ball and the ball can effectively achieve cell fragmentation. Professional design


Cryogenic Grinding

By pre-cooling samples and grinding tanks, mt100 can successfully grind the thermosensitive and elastic materials. agate and ceramic grinding tanks can not be frozen with liquid nitrogen to prevent damage during grinding. The grinding tank adopts the unique rotary cap seal design, especially suitable for low temperature grinding. Because it still has good air tightness after grinding until the temperature returns to room temperature, it can effectively prevent the condensation of water in the air on the frozen sample, and then cause the water vapor to enter the sample and interfere with the analysis results


High-throughput grinding

MT100 high-throughput tissue grinders can simultaneously determine effective, accurate crushing conditions (frequency and time) for 2 x5、2x10 or even more animal and plant tissues, providing high reproducibility and high-quality results for multiple sample crushing preparation, thus providing a reliable analytical basis for the next dna/rna analysis process or for the extraction of any plant animal cells. This one-time characteristics of multiple sample breakage not only ensure the repeatability results of sample treatment, but also save time and improve the treatment efficiency of samples.



■ Rapid and efficient grinding and homogenization, short grinding time, rapid sample preparation for xrf analysis

■ Large sample handling capacity, double tank grinding, high throughput grinding for biological samples, grinding time and vibration frequency can be digitally set and displayed, grinding results are highly reproducible

■ Various materials, volumetric grinding tanks are available, wide application range

■ Lossless wet grinding, unique rotary tight, sealed grinding jar design

■ Comfortable low temperature grinding, Can be used for thermosensitive materials without long freezing process, liquid nitrogen consumption is very small

■ Efficient animal and plant cell tissue wall breaking or suspension cell breaking, can treat more than 10 samples at a time



■ agriculture – grains, oil seeds, soil, tobacco, wood

■ food – animal feed, cheese, fruit.

■ biology - bones, hair, plants and animal tissues.

■ environmental science - fertilizer, electronic waste, sludge.

■ mineral metallurgy - alloys, coal, ores.

■ chemicals and plastics .

■ ceramics and glass .

● application involves a comprehensive industry, grinding sample varieties involved in a wide range of grinding flexibility.





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