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Changsha Mitrcn Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling experimental equipment. Supported by the state key laboratory of Central South University Powder Metallurgy which is strong technology.And with Hunan University, Shanghai Jiao tong University and other well-known universities to maintain long-term close technical exchanges and product development cooperation.


The high-tech talents in our company are: doctor, master, 8 senior engineer,8 senior technician, 10 engineer, 6 technician and with strong R&D and production technology.The main business is the R&D, production and marketing of experimental equipment and related technical consultation services.


What the equipment designs of our company in laboratory is flexible , reliable and compact design, which can meet the needs of the laboratory, and can conveniently and accurately amplify the experimental results to the production model, which is the best choice for your laboratory sample treatment or new material research.Our main products are planetary ball mill and glove boxes.


Planetary ball mill is a necessary device for mixing,fine grinding,small samples prepared,dispersion of nano material,R&D of new product and small batch production for high tech materials. The equipment with small volume,comprehensive function,high efficiency,low noise which is the ideal device of obtaining micro-particle research samples used for research and development institute,collages and universities,entire laboratory.


The samples could be ground under vacuum state with using the vacuum ball mill jars.It is widely used in geology,mineral,metallurgy,electronic,building material,ceramic,chemical,light industry,medicine,beauty,environment production,tea and so on.


The glove box is a laboratory facility that high purity inert gas is introduced in the box and cyclic filtration the active substances. Also known as vacuum glove box, inert gas protective box, etc.


In order to better cooperate with the needs of our customers, we always insist on the "customer first, quality first" as the purpose of our factory and deliver the best quality products to our customers.


Our company specialize in ball mill,planetary ball mill,vacuum operation box/glove box,drying cabinet etc.


Our main products are: vacuum operating box: experimental vacuum operating box, in trial vacuum operating box. Ball mill series: experimental miniature ball mill, Planetary mill series: planetary ball mill for experiment, resistance furnace for trial planetary ball mill: resistance furnace for experiment, drying box for resistance furnace for trial use: experiment, General drying box.


Changsha Mitrcn Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007, headquartered in Changsha, Hunan. Dr. Peng Weicai our company general manager, graduated from the Powder Metallurgical Research Institute of Central South University. We have doctor, master,6 senior technician engineer, 4 technician devotes to the scientific research equipment opening. At present the staff is about 100 people, maintains the formidable research and development production technology lineup, the main business is the experimental production planetary ball mill, roller ball mill, light ball mill, stainless steel glove box, acrylic vacuum glove box, electric furnace and related equipment, and provide related technical advisory services.

Quality Priority - Innovation-Driven - Rapid Reaction


Promote the sound development of our industries


Provide a stage for the strivers


Provide value for scientific research


In the fierce market competition, the company has established the industry production and operation benchmark by introducing the world production technology and management experience and using the refined management mode. In addition, the company adheres to the humanized management and service concept and the business principle of "customer-centered and market-oriented". Pay attention to customers. According to the needs of customers, the company continues to improve the quality of products and services and become the leader in the auto parts market.